We provide beautiful Golden Retriever Cross Poodles for families.

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Groodles Australia provides beautiful golden retriever cross poodle puppies to families in Australia and abroad.

Groodles Australia  is a community program with a generous spirit, proudly donating all proceeds, after costs, to the Timor Childrens Foundation.

Springfield District Veterinary Clinic has, through the sales of groodle puppies, donated over $180 000 to this cause! (until June 2015)

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Groodles are beautiful, intelligent and loyal dogs, the result of a golden retriever-poodle cross.

The mix produces active, trainable dogs with delightful temperaments, which usually do not shed coat.

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Timor Childrens Foundation

Providing secondary and tertiary education scholarship for East Timor’s students.

Beyond Blue

Working to reduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide in the community.