Staff with Puppies


Groodles Australia provides beautiful golden retriever cross poodle puppies to families in Australia and abroad.

Ours is a community program with a generous spirit, proudly donating all proceeds, after costs, to the Timor Childrens Foundation.

The Timor Childrens Foundation provides secondary and tertiary scholarships for poor students to train as teachers, doctors, priests and carpenters etc. The Samaria orphanage in Dili is also supported.

Springfield District Veterinary Clinic has, through the sales of groodle puppies, donated over $110 000 to this cause! (until May 2013)

As part of this project, golden retrievers and poodles used for breeding are chosen for volunteer families within the community.

These families enjoy a beautiful companion whilst contributing to a great cause! The veterinary clinic coordinates and supervises the breeding program, families enjoy breeding pups and all proceeds from sale of pups (after costs) are donated.This is a joint project with Springfield District Veterinary Clinic for the benefit of the Timor Children Project. If you would like to JOIN or contribute to our project, please email groodles@sdvc.com.au. Available puppies are advertised on our Facebook page; please like us for updates.

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